Week 2 Critique: How to Value the Voice

Assessment of: story, content understanding, originality/voice/creativity

Take a look, here is the link:   Digital Storytelling with ELLs

I found the following powerful presentation of digital storytelling with ELLs (English Language Learners) and want to share it with all of you. Barriers were broken between students that did not get along but were partnered together. The key word “emotion/s” was lifted up as students were prepped to go and interview and find out more about their person of interest. To paraphrase: One of the instructors told them…if you strike a chord that hits an emotion…this is gold…this is where those authentic stories will come from.

Story-this was produced using Prezi and introduces what digital storytelling is with quotes on the front end before you view a high school class that will engage in creating their digital stories; it was engaging, the students learned and appreciated the process, as much as, the end product. In my opinion this could easily be a demonstration video for anyone wishing to implement digital story telling.

Content understanding-students were taught what digital story telling was and how they would create their digital stories; the content was fully understood-you saw the process throughout the video-so the goal was accomplished; students were proud of their works.

Originality/voice/creativity-students were partnered and cut loose to create; they grew into the freedom given to them and rose to the challenge; students used their voices in authentic ways.

Further thoughts: writing-I did not see the full complement of the teachers’ instructions regarding written assignments that may have been required for their assignment, it would make sense that they used a series of interview questions to ask and then write family responses; economy-there could have been some splicing and omitting, but, that also could have watered down hearing students authentically working; sense of audience-most likely it was directed toward other high schools to use for instruction; the greater concern seems to be the process of digital story telling vs. the audience

Finally: I enjoyed watching it, annoyed at the quotes first, but then thought it was good to have them as a lead in. Some background music would’ve added to the sterile silence as the quotes were being scrolled. 



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