Week 3: Diane’s Reflection

Diane’s DIY visual + several links  😉

NO, really, OK, yes probably. I JUST did the Feedly tonight, and I DID the correct assignments, and I am thankful. I am thankful that I understand that all of the learning I am undergoing is not impossible. The learning curve seems steep, as did all of the sand drifts at the Great Sand Dunes down south in Colorado. I jest kept walking one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. When I thought I was at the top….I wasn’t! I have a feeling that as I conquer this learning, I will come to the top in understanding of say…Twitter…just in time to look out to yet another nuance of digital technology coming my way. I am thankful prior to this course that I have been open minded in exploring and trying and failing. I use Notebook (WOOT!) all the time to create files for our SMARTboards. A colleague did not have a SMARTboard, and he would say “I have a DUMBboard”. Honestly, I think my biggest buggaboo is time, Harry Potter (not Hewlett Packard) referenced below. I need to time to see, think, ponder, try, revisit, sift, ruminate, and repeat the afore mentioned. I do believe I am growing in knowledge and I am understanding that Digital Storytelling is every technology avenue possible that helps me and everyone world wide share and tell about themselves. This from wikipedia…
“Digital storytelling” is a relatively new term which describes the new practice of ordinary people who use digital tools to tell their ‘story‘. Digital stories often present in compelling and emotionally engaging formats, and can be interactive.
I am definitely ordinary! I am learning about digital tools. I have a lot of story in me! Thanks to ALL of you for persevering with me! It’s all good. One day, I’ll be suave, like Nicolas Cage!

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.44.43 PM.png


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