Week 4: Scholarship Critique

I found this website perusing for articles that will guide and enhance what I am about day in and day out at my elementary school. The website is called “eLearning Industry” and it is all about Scenario Based Learning. When I opened said link, this is what I found for their statement.
Scenario based learning is considered as one of the most effective methods in e-learning. Get information from our eLearning authors or submit your own article
Link to the article:  Engage Your Learners with Digital Storytelling  by Stephanie Ivec, July 30, 2015
In summary I gleaned the following points. I’ll comment afterward.
Basis for Storytelling: People have an innate desire for news and stories. It is on record that storytelling has been around for a long time. Now we have the advantage of digital storytelling which will increase learner engagement. (They have a computer screen that instead of a monitor has a book…rather clever. It is similar to this)  
   Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.29.02 PM Mythology was used to teach lessons in cultures, the same can be done today in businesses. Stories and myths can be employed to teach strategies. More aptly stated,
“In The Power of Myth, noted American mythologist and lecturer Joseph Campbell defines the function of a mythology as the provision of a cultural framework for a society or people to educate their young, and to provide them with a means of coping with their passage through the different stages of life from birth to death.”
Do you know George Lucas? He used The Power of Myth in creating Star Wars! This franchise began in 1977 and is still going!
 images In a melodrama we would BOO and HISS at Kylo Ren as he enters the stage! 
Her dad saw them, had them on VHS for the kids…the legacy continued in their household, and she asked…”what if digital storytelling could be like that?” 
Digital Stories are Carry Messages across Mediums: Content is delivered in a variety of ways. Perhaps someone begins on their desktop, or someone else uses their iPhone, or a tablet. One can take a quiz when they have a few minutes of free time. More technologies were mentioned for digital storytelling, such as, facial recognition, geolocation, augmented reality, and more so as to deliver an interactive experience “they” will not soon forget. To illustrate this point, the author refered to Pandemic 1.0, Lance Weiler’s storytelling project . I’ve not seen this digital story, but it is part film, it is part interactive game, and it is also a sociological experiment. Gizmodo, a technology blog cited that although Pandemic 1.0 was not a reality, it could certainly be used by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) or FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in preparation should a pandemic break out. The last part of the article prepares the reader to engage in digital storytelling with…
Basic Needs to Get Started: Listed are an authoring tool that will publish to HTML5 so any device can display it; “sweet” graphics, like eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library or Stock assets Library; and lastly an app to deliver and track the mLearning. 
Ms. Ivec finishes this article stating that a person only needs those 3 things, noting that if Lectora Inspire is purchased 1 and 2 are theirs; and the EQ (Essential Question) ends the article…What stories will you create for your next eLearning project? 
There are good teaching to intrigue and allure people into exploring digital storytelling. She gave the historical reference that people have told stories since the beginning of time. Her references are both in the Sci-Fi realm for large productions that the general population will most likely know. Star Wars is the classic, that a whole knew generation is viewing and absorbing. I had not heard of the book The Power of Myth, but I think I will at least explore it from the library. I personally did not see Pandemic 1.0 as I was not interested in hype. People I know that saw it were freaked out and even jumpy for a time, wondering when the viral strand was going to take us all down. I wonder in the end, if the article was more of a promotion for Lectora, since those were mentioned, and super promoted at the end as a “package deal”. Knowing that I am a beginner in the realm of technology, I could see many people buying into this great deal, only to be disappointed because their knowledge and skill level is basic. I could be wrong. At any rate, there must be many more companies to compare and contrast, but it was a tickler for those who are intrigued by the digital storytelling world. 

.…TBC….I have to step out, and I’ve not shared my angles of critique fully…  😉

I am critiquing the following: engagement, inventiveness, reflection; At the outset I was engaged and going with the information as a reminder that “yeah, we do use stories, cultures have use them to teach and to help people get through life and all of turns” and then the two examples of digital storytelling I thought were inventive. However, as the article continued it turned into what I would call and infomercial for Lectora. After that, I began to think about the two examples–Star Wars and Pandemic 1.0 and how they were pat outcomes for this particular software. There was not a broad reflection of the author to point to several sources for or at least give key words to allow the reader to go and research. The assumption is that everyone need to go out and get Lectora so they can do amazing digital stories, too. I guess what I am saying is that the outset seemed fine. There was a defined purpose based on history and where we are today with technology, but it dissolved quickly into an advertisement. I do not want to be sold, I would rather have choices offered so that I can make an informed decision. If I were to give this a score on a scale of 1-10, my 8 would change into a 2 based because the informative angle became a linear arrow pointing to one company that of course everyone should contact after reading the article. 







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