In keeping with my developing website for INTE 5665, I’ve renamed this blog site to “Inklings” and below is the picture I created for this feature. Is that right, feature? Section? The blog name? Dealio? Domahitchy? So my picture…my visual…rest assured there is a visual lurking near my work and they come usually with symbolism, too. If you’re remotely interested, read on. The background for the scroll is a portion of the photograph below the scroll, taken at Carmel Valley, January 2016. I was blessed to be with a group of widows where were doted upon with meals and sightseeing; wine tasting, massages, conversations that left us laughing and crying, opportunities for creating with markers and colored pencils and paints, and some of us worked on and ‘smoked’ an intricate puzzle. It was an amazing and restful time, and I almost did not go thinking ACCESS, (English language proficiency assessment) was m more important. So glad I went. As I wandered down to the river behind our host house I found myself in this quiet slice of heaven. This view was amazing. It was all so clear. It was all so crisp. The colors were unbelievable. The photograph is now one of my favorites. The scroll was created with Notebook software (used with SMARTboards). I thought about myself and decided on the three nouns: observations, contemplations, insights. The “footer” from the heart is me. I am a heart person through and through. That endears some and unnerves others. I positioned the scroll on the lower left corner of the photograph. It is the ground, and to me symbolic of where I am, firmly on the ground. The heart is my heart. The scroll is symbolic of special parchments carefully penned, sealed and bound with cording. I love the history of print. I am not a product of the digital age, as such, I feel in many ways I have a foot in the past and a foot in the future. I used the pen tool to draw the scroll and changed the ink to brown, like parchment in my mind. It was fun to create. So there are my “Deep Thoughts” (#Deep #Thoughts #by #Jack #Handey #American #Humorist #SNL #90s).
Between 1991 and 1998, Saturday Night Live included Deep Thoughts on the show as an interstitial segment between sketches. Introduced by Phil Hartman and read live by Handey (neither actually appeared on screen), the one-liners proved to be extremely popular. Hartman would intone “And now, Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey…”, and peaceful easy listening music would play while the screen showed soothing pastoral scenes, much like a New Age relaxation video. Handey would then read the Deep Thought as the text to it scrolled across the screen. They became an enduring feature of SNL, which often had multiple Thoughts in each episode, and made Handey a well-known name.

DSCN7350 copy


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