INTE 5665 Assignment

The other online course I have this semester is INTE 5665, Social Media and Digital Culture. I am being stretched with understanding and using more social networks. I have been comfortable with fb since about 2008, then came the Smartphone in the mid-2000s. By late 2013 I was purchasing a Smart TV with my childrens’ advice. Here I am a few years later and I’ve begun to explore Tumblr. It is not my norm to promote myself, so this is  even more out of my comfort zone than perhaps figuring out technology, believe it or not! For the sake of learning, I would LOVE for you to explore my very basic Tumblr site and tell me what you’re thinking. Some of you are pros, I know, so I welcome your young, but sage, advice. I’ve also let my Twitter and fb world know about my steps into Tumbling!
I have to say that I do like the creativity that pulses through the technology that I am making part of my world. It did begin before my graduate studies with my school district. I was a recipient of a Macbook and tech time with colleagues. Our cadre wrote a grant for SMARTboards and we were fortunate to be the recipients of 8 SMARTboards. I LOVED the Notebook software and am still not only a fan but a regular user of Notebook software. It is again, the creativity that sparks my interest! That Macbook has gone by the wayside. I acquired my current Macbook Pro with a retina screen (I’m not sure I totally understand it, but it is visually exquisite). So the evolution of technology continues with me! 😉

macbook_whiteScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 2.07.35 PM


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