Week 7 Digital Story Critique

Follow the link to hear the digital story I heard: Engineering Education for the 21st Century
This comes from Creative Narrations and addresses that critical statement in education that MANY have made and continue to make over and over time and time again. Education would serve our populations best if it concentrated on: creativity & synthesis of learning, hands on & project oriented, and collaborative among peers. I would add rigor to the equation for learning. The audience for this digital story is the larger educational community, particularly the science education field. Jim Vanides, author, takes this very short time frame to pack it all in. He give reasons to why reading and solving problems from texts is not helpful by using visuals and going back through his personal journey to becoming an engineer. He chose upbeat instrumental music that I noticed at the outset because there are a few frames that show the myth that if you can solve problem set you’ll be a great engineer. From there he begins to speak and walk us through his teaching point and the music fades so we only hear his message. That was unique in that most I’ve listened to that had music continued with music to the end. Then the music picked up again when he spoke about creativity with the mind and the jazz band he played in. Then the music faded again. There is an ebb and flow which I found very effective to set the tone; telling his story with music.
 Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.49.13 AM.png
Taking the visual cue from ds106 I say the following. I like the interplay of music with his message to be creative and break away from the mold of read and do problem sets. I think his personal history of growing up tinkering apart from school was powerful. I have seen this broad statement presented so many times, yet I do not see the foundational changes in our K-12 education which is disturbing. I wonder why this cannot be an opening to ALL science and math from K-12 on into undergraduate and graduate courses? I also wonder how effective his message (he is with HP) and similar messages made by his HP colleagues have been?

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