Week 7 Response to the New Digital Storytelling

The New Digital Storytelling image.jpg
Brian Alexander, an educator defined and created comfort with his students. In this chapter it was like I was in the class, listening to him explain that with every technology comes story, because it is not the technology but rather the people. Storytelling is usually seen as positive and encompasses so many emotions.  Associated with stories are diverse conversations and cultures. The norm of stories and their components have not changed over the years. Storytelling is for everyone in any profession. Storytelling can be  fiction or non-fiction. Interesting to note that the idea of sequence is important to people-they like to see or feel timelines in stories. When the audience is drawn into a story it is like you are a co-creator of the very work. The roller-coaster ride of emotions have always been important.  By understanding the essence of storytelling, moving into the digital storytelling world will have more understanding.  Technology has been a part of storytelling for a long time. What cyber culture now affords storytellers in terms of how, as well as, new aspects has seen the greatest proportion of people connected than ever before, now permeating all aspects of life; proposing that digital storytelling can come into its own as originating from a digital source or as he put it “born digital” such as blogs, Web videos, computer games, and mobile apps. Along the way, Brian cited Daniel Pink who said, “Story exists where high content and high touch intersect.” The Cybercultural matrix will come in Chapter 2; As Easter is upon us, here is my rubric for this book and chapter one by Brian Alexander….the man with two first names!

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