Week 7 Personal Reflective Summary

Update: March 11, 3:37 AM; to satisfy Google, I now am running Yosemite, which in turn allowed Notebook (for SMARTboards) to be updated….and NOW I can access files I created several weeks running, including my personal reflection from Week 7.
Haiku: TECHNOLOGY is                                                                                                                                                                     magnificent, yet demands                                                                                                                                                 everything ITS way!
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 3.36.48 AM                                                                                                                                             
IMG_4879Picture 1
Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.32.19 PMPicture 2


My reflective thoughts are on the page in my Notebook file that was spinning the candy cane whirl. (Please see Picture 1 above)
I’ve taken the path of reflecting along the way from the prior reflection. Many times (or at least in my case) I will want to remember something, and it will have vanished. As you can see from Picture 2, I began my reflections on February 15. Oh technology with its clever time stamps!
I am so visual, that I can tell the green in the middle left was about this blog, which I renamed to Inklings, beyond that, I do not know what I wrote.
I resonated with the text, The New Digital Storytelling by Bryan Alexander. His description of just storytelling and what ALL that encompasses was down to earth and sensible. The first chapter was really a story about storytelling.
I recall going to the ds106 website and wondering about audio files and if they could be included into the category of digital stories. I guess in my mind, I have equated digital stories as having visuals as a rule of thumb, even though I did explore and promote some files with Sound Cloud. In that respect I believe my understanding of what digital stories are is growing. I really appreciated in his closing how he said, “…stories born digital and published in a digital format.”
Speaking of the ds106 website, I have had fun with the Daily Assignments. Someone was totally into the western culture, as there have been a slew of  “do this or change this” with a western flair. It would’ve been fine anyway, but I lived in Texas, so that carries more meaning to me. The Jesse James comic was fun, especially since I could “dub in” a true story based on my Iowa roots.
Everything that I have been creating in my INTE CU Denver classes has been a type of digital story. My story of this graduate journey has me thinking, now, that I probably should’ve taken some of these courses in a different order. This course, INTE 5340 may have served me better with, for example, Trends. But my story is unfolding uniquely and I guess in the end I am no worse off.
I have gone to view posts of colleagues even when not asked to by the requirement of the course, as I am genuinely interested in what people are reading, thinking and posting. Sometimes I comment.
When I am critiquing digital stories, I feel kind of funny. Like, who am I to comment on their story? I understand the premise of really looking at the quality, so that my own digital stories will have many of the attributes that make a digital story really good. I still feel weird, though. There is SUCH VARIETY of digital stories, as many as the variety of people on the Earth. That fact, is probably the spice of happiness for me, that their are so many different stories. Whatever I’d like to know about, I can probably find a story.
What else? It fun to see the organization that was pre-built into WordPress as my posts line up. It’s still a marvel to me. Magical really.

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