Week 8 Digital Story Critique

“Who’s Your One” is a campaign started by the students in Dan Cuoco’s 5th grade class at Antelope Ridge Elem.  Published on Dec 1, 2014    imgresMusic “Hello My Old Heart” by: The Oh Hellos
This past week we held a UNITY meeting at our school. The intent is to bring parents forward with their voices to strengthen relationships and to address topics of their choosing. A recurring theme was bullying vs. normal conflict and conflict resolution. The digital story “Who’s Your One” was the meeting’s  ending note. It is definitely not refined, but it is genuine and has a sincere message to kids from kids. The audience is kids, and while you could show it to a kindergartener, I would say the impact lies with the upper grades where we see more tension and bullying between peers. The social worker for our school showed it to me and walked me through some of the pieces that were in play. Without that information, I would have missed the “one”. There is foreshadowing in the beginning but it was very subtle. Maybe, as it is for kids, kids would pick up on it much quicker. The quality overall from sound to video, while not the best, is absolutely fitting since 5th graders are putting this video clip together. So the heart of the message, in my mind, comes full circle for any legit critique, flows over the critiques brings the focus right back to each individuals responsibility when situations become tense, bad, or ugly for fellow peers.
As we have been studying and learning in a myriad of ways, a personal story carries weight and purpose, not just to the storyteller themself, but to the audience. A nice touch at the end was hearing from each actor/actress talk about their role in the video. I am a heart person, so the authenticity of what they were sharing was well done. Again, I come back to the statement that you could absolutely want to press ‘delete’ for all that is not polished with this digital story, yet it stands firm as a well done educational tool that gives kids a wake-up call. The wake-up call to stand up to bullies by being an upstander. An upstander gets involved vs. a bystander who does nothing. As more information is processed and data collected about bullying, the realization that kids speaking out and up to kids is more effective that a message or reprimand from adults. 
If this video could benefit your setting, or school, by all means take it and share it! 

2 thoughts on “Week 8 Digital Story Critique

  1. The video quality is very good and certainly gives a solid non-verbal story about bullying. The song, however, is a bit of a distraction for me. In many ways, it seems like a music video. I would think a song with the same tone but without lyrics could work better. The kids talking at the end was nice, but it did seem a little too scripted. I’m probably being too critical about this story, but that’s just my frame of mind.


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