T is for Touch, Tell, Tribe

When I first heard the term “tribe” for the INTE 5665 class led by Dr. Joni Dunlap, I was a bit foggy for where we were heading. It makes sense now. Your tribe. Your group. Your people. Your comrades. Who is thinking like me, how important visuals are for instruction? Who is creating out their for business or education, and what does it look like? How have they evolved in their craft? What ideas can they share?
The other term for technology that I’d not heard of was an NLS. Not only did I not know what it was, I was going to be creating one. It was a  remix of SNL, right? Jeopardy for 500, What is NLS, “just write the acronym, please.” Again, after reading more, it made sense. Networked Learning Space, a place where my original idea is groomed and then shared with others who are like-minded in a central idea or cause or perhaps a search. Although I have the idea, others will be synthesizing and sharing their ideas, too. We will learn from each other, taking ideas, showing outcomes, and asking questions. I see a NLS as a think tank for those involved. Curious to see how this goes. Surely there are many who value pictures, images, videos, and the like for instruction; whether in the business or educational realm. I know my tribe is out there. It is a matter of calling them together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.20.17 AM



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