Week 10 Digital Story Critique

Digital Storytelling
This is a digital story about creating and using digital stories in education. In viewing this video, I am looking at the following: Media Development Process , Originality/voice/creativity, and Media Application.
While the content was applicable to my role of bringing digital story ideas to my elementary school, I have to admit that the overall production was very dry, and uninviting. So much so, that my daughter asked if I was asleep. The frame was not changing, so I closed my eyes to concentrate on what  was being said. I will quite often do this—close my eyes to close out the world. I’ve tried to go back to review, but it continues to refuse to load after some 20 minutes. 
Media Development Process–The intent of sharing some basic “hows” of creating digital stories in the classroom were present, and there was a flow from one application to another, but they were not done in I guess a professional manner, as one would see with other products. I wonder if other school staff would have been of help for the production? To be fair there were several demonstrations of student work using the applications, which was helpful visually. 
Media Application–This, to me, goes hand in hand with the Media Development Process that I’ve already described above. The video itself is not one that I would pass along to colleagues for viewing. The young man that introduced Karen was more inviting. The demonstrations by students that were selected kept the movement better. I wonder why more of the student work was not showcased? The applications could have been listed vs. telling about them in such detail. 
Originality/voice/creativity–This particular school has a 1:1 ratio of iPads for their students, so the message was especially for settings with iPads. The majority of speaking was done by an art teacher, Karen Bosch. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator. She did use technology fine, but truly her voice and presentation of the content was lackluster.  Yawn. Definitely needed a more enthusiastic presenter. 






One thought on “Week 10 Digital Story Critique

  1. I definitely share your sentiments on the “yawn” factor. Makes me wonder if there was even intent to make this interesting for anyone, or if it was just created to satisfy a requirement. I would have liked to have seen more of the students work.

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