Week 11 Digital Story Critique

Adapting to a New Culture   by Yukiko Nishimura   2013
This is a very honest reflection done by Yukiko, a girl growing up in Japan, then choosing to come to the USA.
Story-The story was very personal, done I believe succinctly given the time frame for her content beginning from childhood into adulthood. The picture and text supported the story well. Her voice was very straightforward and calm vs. showing more emotion regarding tough times she encountered when being put down by others. 
Project Planning-Her focus “adapting to a new culture” was honored throughout the story. Her visuals all helped to tell her story while her voice and text floated above them. There was no music in the background, but with her soft voice, it seemed fine. It might have been more difficult to both hear her and concentrate on her words if another element were added. 
Content Understanding-Yukiko gives a solid summary of her experiences as she narrates her cultural story. There is definitely and understanding of how she feels with concrete examples for the audience. There were several spots where the author could have given deeper explanations. At 1:20 she speak of honoring the elderly and then says it makes living in Japanese culture “stressful”.  That was a disconnect to me.  I wanted to know more. If someone adept in storytelling was assisting her, they might have urged her to flesh out her story more. The premise of describing what it is like to adapt to a new culture was definitely the theme all the way through. 
While I might say…do this or change that and your digital story will be so much better, I am actually very impressed by Yukiko’s candidness, her simplicity, her integration of still photos with text, and her calm voice throughout the entire video. I think she did a tremendous job of explaining her feelings in English. This would be an excellent exemplar for older ELLs (English Language Learner) students to see to help them tell their stories. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.55.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.56.14 PM




One thought on “Week 11 Digital Story Critique

  1. I thought this was a great choice for a critique! I always enjoy hearing the stories of people from cultures and countries different my own. Coincidentally I chose a story about a girl from Pakistan who came to America this week as well. I tend to really enjoy the stories that are made simply, just a voice and pictures, or maybe two different elements, I don’t think stories need to be complicated or use lots of technology to be good. Great choice!


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