Week 12 Digital Story Critique

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I was actually looking for digital story examples done by kindergarteners, but instead I stumbled upon a site that lists free digital storytelling tools for teachers. From that list I chose Creaza, and for this critique I chose to look at:
Project Planning This is a very quick tutorial of how to use Creaza. The narrator obviously knows the steps for creating the cartoon like video. He creates a short video as he speaks and then plays the entire video when he’s finished. I cannot tell if he used a script or made storyboards.
Originality, voice, creativity This tutorial is informative but extremely mundane. I kept hearing Kip’s voice from Napolean Dynamite, which is not good unless you’re watching Napolean Dynamite. There is no intonation or spark of enthusiasm. If a company depended on this advertising video to market their product, I’m afraid the product would not roll of the shelf. The music while he created and narrated his steps was flat weird and a bit spooky which did not fit the content in my opinion. When the video was replayed the music was fine.
Flow, organization and pacing It for sure is a very rapid video overview of Creaza. It did move along and the his video was complete with seven slides in just under three minutes. He did speak clearly and covered the basics for creating the cartoon like video.
The task was accomplished, but in a very boring manner. I might be inclined to play around with it some.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 Digital Story Critique

  1. Diane,

    You make a good point about this resource. It seems like a great resource for educational a tool for students to create their own digital stories, but the video is not engaging. I would have used Creaza to create the tutorial, then the video would have highlighted the tools of Creaza and be an exemplar of the engaging projects that can be made with the program.

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