Daily Create Shakespeare 400

@ds106dc  #tdc1562  This year, had he lived on, Shakespeare would be 400 years young! Woot! This Daily Create is to honor Shakespeare!

“Alas, poor Yorick, for I knew him well…”


One of my (later in life attributes) is to “sometimes” look deeper into a text.  Today is one of those days. We read Shakespeare in high school and I was one that was completely lost!!! If I could I use Cliff Notes (archaic form of Google) for those of us that remember those days in the 70s, I did.
I chose a jester skeleton based on what I discovered in my deeper look…so you’ll have to read on to know.

Meaning—A meditation on the fragility of life.

Hamlet says this in a graveyard as he looks at the skull of Yorick, a court jester he had known as a child, and grieves for him. In this complex speech, which is one of the best known in all dramatic works, Hamlet goes on to consider the fate of us all when he compares the skull to those still living: “let her paint [her face] an inch thick, to this favour [state] she must come”
As a child Hamlet found the jester Yorick amusing and entertaining. They used to play and frolic in an intimate but innocent way. Now that Yorick is a stinking corpse the memory of touching him seems revolting and makes Hamlet feel ill.
Following is an explanation of this quote and what was REALLY  penned by Shakespeare. Even though it is not quoted correctly, it remains a famous line, and continues to be misused…why even by me, today, with ds106.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.34.36 PM



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