Life During CU Denver

Some people along the way have commented that I should have a column like Erma Bombeck. Most often in letters and now in emails I correspond naturally from the heart about what’s happening in my life. Not only is CU Denver a major sphere of my life, but so is my work, but most importantly is my family. There is an ebb and flow usually, and sometimes there is a frenzy and then the subdued tranquility of an ebb and flow resumes, just like gentle waves rolling in to shore only to disappear and then reappear miles out. These past weekends and week have been the frenzy mode, partly due to events that were shifted due to our CO weather that goes from summer to winter in a matter of hours. Misha was always set to graduate RMCAD on Friday, April 22, which is good. Here’s Misha…with her Chalk Art buddy, Daniela, that you may see coming up at Larimer Square if you happen by there. As an art school the creativity and giftedness happens randomly. Notice her Gryffindor Crest that blends so well with her cord! Double-sided tape to which, Gracie, my senior in high school is now interested in. IMG_5039
Bartok went happily to Camp Bow Wow and it is a good thing because our home became the staging area for a group of thespian high schoolers off and on from about 3:30 AM to even now…Finding Nemo is playing while the remaining three are semi-conscience. Here are the remaining three…Cobi, Gracie (my daughter) and Ben. There were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 more. Landing after 3:00 AM they were hyped and giggling and sleepy and slap happy and so amongst all of that, someone had the bright idea to watch the sunrise at the cave, and so at approximately 5:10AM they set the alarm and began their “power nap” for 3o minutes….then they


stole away to get to sunup by 6:10 AM, or close to that. I had Gracie checking in with me…the next agenda item was to hit the hot tub, so off they went at about 7:10ish AM. While this is all happening, I am to be getting my sleep! I am with a team of teachers whose goal is to walk 10K each day. I bought a Fitbit Flex for this endeavor and it’s been an element of fun especially creating visuals for our team! Last week…

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.15.42 PM

this week…

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.15.24 PM

So my Fitbit is tracking that in the wee morning hours I am stepping along at +2000 while my Sleep Tracker that I have set for 6 hrs is showing a whopping 2hr 38min! Keeping an eye on the bunch, nuking pizza rolls, baking cookie dough (well most of it), keeping an eye on the bunch, making breakfast later, and oh, yeah, keeping an eye on the bunch. They did ALL of there laughs and they proceeded to flip each other with leg wars and they rounded off the midday with laying on the floor, crossing their arms over their chest, and breathing in while someone pushed hard down so that their weird noises and laughs emerge which then extended the laughter. It is only something you can imagine…when I was young we did stuff like put our forehead on the batt end and spin around and around on the ground with the tip on the ground and then walk around all dizzy and of course helium from balloons if they were around. We did have movies, but we were not snap chatting or texting or summoning people silently to appear when they are off work, etc. We managed to have stupid fun for sure. So yes, this Friday bunched up rapidly when the Prom from last “snowmageddon” weekend was cancelled and moved to…yup…Friday 22 of April. Why Not? Let’s F-R-E-N-Z-Y! As Lou’s mom would say when life was happening either good or bad…”Isn’t it fun?”

Isn’t if fun? Absolutely…I wouldn’t trade a day of helping to create fun memories for kids…no matter what age! Let’s hope when I’m in my 80s and want to play Bingo they’ll take care of that for me…with pizza rolls, cookie dough or baked cookies, juice, lil’ smokies, and blueberry french toast…and by that time, they’ll ALL be old enough to have some Moscow Mules, too!

Isn’t it fun?





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