Week 13 Digital Story Critique

This has to be an ode to growing older in a changing world…I was introduced to this gal a couple months ago, her repertoire consists of stories, stories of family; I imagine there are so many stories out there that haven’t been told by people of ALL Ages. I hope you enjoy this. I have to say I’m biased b/c I love to laugh and I love humor from everyday life…and while I’m finishing this assignment, I am charging my Fitbit! I cannot walk yet, so it’s a good time to be sitting, AND I am still keeping an eye on those high schoolers, too.  The following pertains to cursive or not cursive…something we’ve talked about in our academic circles. For this critique I will look at: Media Development Process, Content understanding, and Writing
“Learning Cursive or Not”
Media Development Process–I did not know what or that a “media development process” is done by Jeanne Robertson. She is on stage, very professional glamorous dress, with a matching backdrop. She is the focal point at all times, even when the audience is panned, with a mic she commands the movement and responses of the audience.  I looked deeper, and discovered the following (below indented) which leads me to believe that the elements from Jeannie to the stage are fully considered for her performances. The persons involved are either very skilled or very lucky. Perhaps a bit of both. Without Jeannie there is no digital story, that’s for sure.
Jeanne Robertson is a professional speaker who specializes in hilarious humor based on her life experiences. Speaking  to thousands of people annually, she utilizes her positively funny style to illustrate that a sense of humor is much more than a laughing matter. It is a strategy for success.
Jeanne’s success as a humorist has not gone unnoticed by her peers. She has been awarded every top honor in her profession including the top award in professional speaking “The Cavett Award.”  She is also a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and recipient of Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel award.. They like her back home too. The NC Press Association named Jeanne its 2001 North Carolinian of the Year. Most recently, he National Speakers Association honored Jeanne with its 2012 Master of Influence Award.
Content understanding–This slice of digital story telling will depend upon your culture and generation. Too young of an audience will not “get it” and as time marches on, the knowledge of the subject of cursive will have an even slimmer audience. The culture of America is definitely a backdrop for Jeannie’s yarn. Anyone not born in America will most likely have a difficult time understanding what is so funny about cursive, especially with the nuances of the English language that are woven into the content. The other aspect is dialogue. There may be different parts of the United States that would have a difficult time in understanding the content, as well. If you have not been exposed to the south, it may prove difficult, as it seems a language unto itself.
Writing–The combination of humor and life events that are authentic give this story spark. I think because it covers a topic that crosses generations, is an educational pivot point and has been lived by Jeanne Robertson, the author and performer the audience there and even watching YouTube is drawn in. There is an identification of the subject matter and a reaction to what you know is coming before the lines are delivered. The writing is the telling, and it is done well. Very well.

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