Privacy in Social Media

INTE 5665 CU Denver found us at one juncture reflecting on privacy in social media. Here is what I shared last Wednesday for our discussion post.
Even before the advent of technology on steroids–with hyperlinks–to hop you quicker, privacy was probably also at an all time low. I am from the day of party lines on the phones. That was a treat. We tell someone in confidence a private matter only to have someone approach us to speak about what was delivered in private. I am definitely more aware of what I post on any social site, and to some extent the courses through CU Denver. Several years ago I had a few people at my elementary school call me on the carpet about what I posted on fb (in the privacy of my own home) concerning politics. They “would have to unfriend me”. At first I was unnerved, and as the days passed, it really ticked me off and I didn’t care that I was summarily unfriended. Since that time, here and there, and now with this question I’ve thought about the privacy issue. If we could post as our transparent selves, that would be nice…but then…how much of yourself do you really want all of the world to know. My dad used to say the following: “If you tell everyone what you know, then they’ll know what they know and what you know.” Sometimes keeping silent is a better option, off or online.
When I consider the profiles that we are creating for our ILT studies, I’ve had to go back and really consider what should I let people know about me. I do not feel incompetent, but I do know that I do not have a lot of experience in the ILT realm, so information is limited. My intent is a broader sweep rather than specifics, at least for now
I’ve not had anyone “take ideas” from me, again, as I haven’t created or published something that someone may want to take as their own. My daughter is in the art world and they are very very careful to site who the artist was, etc. For one project she was required to sign a waiver noting they had no property rights as they were commissioned for the piece. It happened to be through Harley Davidson, so all of the loose ends were sown up tightly. I can only think that many privacy issues are violated more than we can imagine.
If I were to listen to “all of the opposing viewpoints” centering on privacy,  I imagine I would find something worthy from each side. Perhaps it comes back to a logical case by case situation, if the privacy issue is being questioned. The can you keep a secret does not fly if you are a public servant. You are obligated to report a misconduct.
If we move the physical into the online realm, the playing fields will most likely fall along the same line. As with guns…I believe it is the user, not the tool itself. A computer cannot steal or type unsightly garbage. Nor can a computer hack your accounts. Hmmm, regardless of the invention the heart of each man rules how it is used.
Another saying from my dad: You lock your door to keep a good man honest. We do have rules or laws or policies in force for a reason, and for that I am thankful.

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