Week 14 Opening Doors: Digital Story Critique


STRAIGHT UP CHALLENGE, yet providentially a door opened for Tahira. Back in  1980s I help a Pakastani family with their English. I don’t know their whole story, their English was very limited and I did not and do not still speak Pashtu. Early days I have been drawn towards other people to learn about them, to try to understand, to connect. This digital story is powerful…powerful for anyone who is facing a tall rock face that they want to pass through…whatever that rock face is.
I understand that I tend to gravitate toward human interest stories, stories that on some level could require thinking, thinking about what is said and how it was said, thinking about the visuals and imagery. The theme I have explored for INTE 5340 is education and more closely the English Language Learner. I have sought stories and application for using technology and have honed in on the elementary level.  This is an English Language Learner (ELL) that is more proficient with English than not. For this digital critique I will look at story, sense of audience and presentation/performance. 
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.08.54 PMStory: This is an authentic story with unbelievable obstacles due to culture. Tahira’s voice is calm, direct, and steady. She speaks from her heart yet there is not an emotional roller-coaster. It is nice.       
Sense of Audience: I do not know the intended audience, but I believe it would be a powerful story for jr. high and up. I think you have to be in a place of deeper contemplation about people and life and experiences. While upper elementary may think it is a feel good story, it is my contention that older audiences will benefit far more from Tahira’s experiences.
Presentation/Performance:  She has chosen well how to portray her journey with the photographs and digital enhancements like the broken glass that is floating and rotating and breaking above the photograph of Tahira and her Dad. The music moved me along with her. It seemed sorrowful and continued for the duration of the video. She used nature to encompass her thoughts which opened her slice of the world to our eyes.



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