Week 15 Stories that Matter

This began by me typing ‘short digital stories that matter’ and I found the following. I did not explore this site fully, but I found it intriguing. I still think about kids, elementary kids. Even though the video has adults asking and telling about their desires and ideas…what’s to say the same format will not work for a younger crowd. They do have lots of passion and energy about a multitude of topics, for sure! An idea to try!! Here’s the link to my discovery:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stories-that-matter-i-was-here#/

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.40.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.49.20 PM

I choose to look at the following for this digital critique: story, content understanding, and economy. 

story: I have to say that when I found this site and this introductory video, I was unclear as to what they were sharing and why. I get that our stories are important and viable to ourselves even if no one else sees or hears them. 

content understanding: I hear some say that they need to ‘do something’ and others are in effect complaining about situations; there is one man at 1:36 that speaks to making changes in the world, presumably for those who have found their path.

economy: the people in the video that share their thoughts in some regards seem to be rambling; there is a song playing about “I’ve been, I’ve done..and it was more than I wanted; I live, I love, I was here” ; I’m just not sure I understand the purpose without going to the information listed around the video. 

Going back to elementary students: perhaps an uplifting song playing while they tell how they’ve learned how to do something new, how they’ve helped someone, how they’ve been responsible, how they’ve been careful, etc. I would structure the video so that kids were the focal point and they would have a very clear message. I guess this gave me a synergistic idea…and that’s good. Perhaps someone else will “get this” better than I have.



2 thoughts on “Week 15 Stories that Matter

  1. YEAH!!! Thanks! I happen to be “online”…working on INTE 5665 when the message popped up! Q: did you see my digital story yet, and do I need to post it somewhere else? 😉


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