Seeing and Saying

…because writing sight words bigger on cards will help the learner to know, pronounce, and use them…that’s like speaking louder to someone who does not speak English
…because making Bingo cards with sight words will help the learner to know, pronounce, and use them…that’s like lining up hair and body products and thinking the customer will know what each one is for
Being a mom b/f being ‘schooled’ in how to teach reading is a tremendous proving ground for language. We did not hold up parts of words, i.e. syllables for our 3 children to learn words. We spoke to them, we pointed to the people, the things, the sounds and we shared the information as we were pointing. They were receptive. They knew our voices and they tracked with their eyes as we pointed or acted out what we were saying or pointing to. We read to our children. We read to them as babies and we continued reading as a family on through the years, including ALL of the Harry Potter books as they came out, no matter our kids were in Jr. High and High School.
Their oral language developed fine, they were talking and speaking in complete sentences before the age of 2. Their jibberish became words. When they said any sound, I repeated to them the sound they made. If they said “babababa” we said “babababa” if they blew raspberries, we blew raspberries. If they croaked, we croaked. Guess what, they reciprocated. When we said the words or phrases or sentences, they began to say the words or phrases or sentences.
Language happened with meaning, in context and virtually ALL day long if they were not sleeping. It is like tending a garden. You have to do your part for the garden to thrive. It is not difficult, but it does take time + consistency.
My next challenge is to use the LMS, Canvas, to create an online eLearning module. The course will be learning about and how to know, pronounce and use the Dolch Sight Words.



images-1Most districts have taken the Dolch lists and have revamped them to be “special” for their district. I find that ridiculous, but…I find MANY things in education ridiculous! Imagine–the original noun list had the words…..yes…..the words….Christmas and Santa Claus. I’m a fan of Edward William Dolch. 





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