The U$A educational system has MUCH to correct. Those of us in the trenches feel as though our hands are tied, like we’ve taken an oath to seed out creativity and allow mundane to surface, spilling over into all content areas. If you are unfortunately reading below grade level then you are awarded extra attention in specialized classes that are drowning in mountains of printed documents about your untimely mishap with education.
Even my question b/f we became a Title I school…resonated with ‘stupid’. “What is the data for schools that have become Title I schools over the years? What is their success rate for students attaining grade level or rising above while attending a Title I school?” I ask. The answer: “There is no data.” Well how convenient…spend more money adding more personnel to engage in teaching habits that do not propel any student toward proficiency. THAT’S PRECISELY WHAT I WANT FOR MY CHILDREN! RIGHT? HOW ‘BOUT THE REST OF YOU?
Below is my colleague’s thoughts about the RTI process, and on the beautiful blue background is the lame statement from our illustrious U$A government. Crumble within…it’s where we’re headed unless common sense  can come to rule once more. I don’t advise you hold your breath, I’m not.
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.06.15 PM

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