I wish everyone would take a step back and consider what they DID learn beginning in Kindergarten for most…we take turns, we do not shout at each other, we do not take things away from someone, we talk politely, we help, we are respectful, we collaborate and do our best, we are quick to say “sorry”, we are quick to say “that is OK, please don’t do that again”, we invite others to play with us, we do not lie, we tell the truth, we care about each other because we are a family for the year and we want to take care of each other. images I am not a deplorable or a _______, or a ________, or a _______, or a _______, or a ________, or a ________. Please do not call me names because that is not nice. It is hurtful. Please be kind to me. I have a culture. I have dreams. I have aspirations. I believe in God. I celebrate Christmas and Easter and Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day and I read the Bible and I believe that I am to take the high road no matter what befalls me. I give the benefit of the doubt that people aren’t trying to be mean to me. I greet students and faculty and families and strangers with hellos and how are you. I listen and I care because way back when, I learned from my family and from my teachers to be a kind and caring person.


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